Hello There!

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Another boring blog introduction post. Let me just see the cute cat photos and how to turn a chair into a bird house.” I unfortunately do not know how to turn a chair into a bird house but here is that cute cat photo for starters.

Is she not the cutest thing? I suppose I am a little bias…

Anyway, back to Stabpact and me if you insist.

The Real Story Behind Stabpact

High school was not a bad time for me. I was in a magnet program for medical skills. If you’re not familiar with how magnet programs work, I was with the same group of students for four years and out of my eight classes one was designated to the magnet program class. That class was taught by the same two teachers who taught me a lot when I look back at that time, but as a high schooler, my mind was anywhere but listening. It was usually playing game pigeon games under the desk with my group chat.

Ah, the group chat. There was four of us for a little, but soon it was three. (We don’t talk about that) and those two other girls were my best friends throughout high school. My senior year we were inseparable. We spent pretty much every free moment together. We called ourselves; Stabpact. It’s a little odd I know, but whenever someone was doing one of us dirty we would all just type “Stab” and the last person was to type “pact” and that was our cue to cut that person off. We have all gone separate ways now, but still use the group chat at least once a week and make sure we keep updated with the other two’s lives.

My girls 🤍

Remind me one day to tell you more about them…

Stabpact As a Blog

Stabpact was and is a big part of my life, and as I mentioned, we all went separate ways. I moved to a new city for school, Kelley moved to a new state for school, and Sara stayed back home for school.

Moving to a new city is hard, especially when you do not know anyone there. Gaining three random roommates you have to hope you get along with and finding a job that will work with your school schedule. All while staying on top of your grades. It was hard for awhile, and then I decided after two years, that city just wasn’t for me and moved on to a city even further from home. Another fresh start, two years after the first.

I decided I wanted a constant in my life. A place I can use as a creative output where I can dump all my thoughts. To share my journey of starting over not once but twice and all that has happened in between. I may not post too often, but if I am feeling lonely or a need to be creative, Stabpact will always be there for me, the blog and my group chat. Who knows, someone may find my life pretty interesting.

– Kaylee

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